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Sussex Indies Day 2012

The 2012 national Campaign featuring UK’s independent retailers has just been launched by Skillsmart Retail, the Sector Skills Council for Retail.

Independents’ Day encourages the public to buy at least buy one thing from their local, independent shop on 4th July 2012.

Never has there been a better time to celebrate than in the very busy Queens Diamond Jubilee Year – Torch Relay around Great Britain – the UK Olympic and Paralympic Games – to give custom to our local independent stores.

Over the next four months, retailers will be encouraged to download the campaign posters from, celebrate the day in their stores and join forces with other retailers and town centre teams to hold special events to capture the public’s imagination.

More Information is available  Twitter @Retail_IndieDay – or on the news section of


New Awards at the Sussex Fashion Awards 2012

The Sussex Fashion Awards 2012 including Brighton & Hove are pleased to introduce a second, new, 2012 Fashion Award in the Sussex programme,  The Sussex Best Sports Award 2012.

Sussex Best Sportswear Award 2012

In this the year of the Olympics & Paralympics –  this new award  seeks to recognise active sportswear which makes a difference through a combination of good design and fabric technology.  Providing a range of sportswear suitable for any number of disciplines and in doing so promotes and encourages sport as part of a healthy lifestyle….

This now completes all 12 awards on offer for the 2012 season, handpicked for the Sussex region, which can be viewed online. The nomination process will shortly be open. Read more >